Mockingjay #BookReview

Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire…
This was the girl who always kept Snow on the edge of his seat. This was the girl who became the Mockingjay and gave the Districts a new hope. This was the girl who ignited the rebellion against the corrupt and unjust Capitol. This was the girl who sacrificed her life to save her sister from the cruelty of the Hunger Games…
But what happened to this girl in the third and final book of this mind blowing and intense trilogy. Katniss is mostly seen on the hospital bed, in some secret closets, drugged on morphine or trying to runaway from her life, when not performing her duties as the Mockingjay in the book. She is merely shown as an unpredictable pawn trying to defeat President Snow. Her will to fight back is sometimes not as strong as her duties as the Mockingjay. She does not have the clear mind nor the willpower to lead the rebels. She is often stuck up in her decision between Peeta and Gale. Instead of a clear minded, strong and compelling leader of the rebellion, she is a feeble and underwhelming pawn of the President of District 13. 
But leaving all the above points, it was the ending that I disliked the most. I somewhat liked the starting, the part when Katniss comes back to life, the ‘ If We Burn You Burn With Us ’ part… But the conclusion left me dispirited. The climax was more realistic than happy to me. I was thinking of a more merrier ending for the star-crossed lovers from 12. Not only them but also for Finnick, Annie and Gale. Even though the ending was more bona fide, I craved for a more gleeful climax for the story and for Katniss. 
But instead the ending only brought more and more screams, nightmares and despondency. 
In the end I would say that even though Katniss completed her motive, this book left me a little bit underwhelmed. So I would go with 6.5 stars for the last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy.


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