The Alchemist #BookReview

“When you truly want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…”

These words somehow tend to convey the warmth and truth that our soul and heart had been seeking since it was born. They unfetter the deep-seated desire of ours to follow our destiny…to pursue the path laid down for us…to live our dreams. 
This book is not just another “self-help” or philosophy books. It’s a legend…a fable written to open our eyes and motivate us to listen to our hearts. We may always lie to ourselves or our minds…but we can never lie to our heart. It speaks the language of God. It always shows us the path chosen for us. But we mostly ignore our heart and live someone else’s life. Well, what this book does is that it makes you understand the importance of listening to one’s heart and to follow our destiny. 
The Alchemist may at times feel a bit candid or subtle. But that’s the magic of it. The book is so enchanting that it’s charisma never dies. Even when you have finished the book, you stare at the pages trying to absorb the book’s magic and power. 
Still there are places where The Alchemist feels a little “underwhelming” and all that. But you have to admit that some of its magic has been lost in translation. So I don’t really blame anyone for that. But The Alchemist in the end will truly leave you speechless. It’s magic will make you review the decisions taken by you in the past and will make you listen to your heart before taking any other big step in your life. But above all the book will have you moved to your “heart”. 
In the end its all about the journey. And the journey is all about finding yourself, and in this case through the pages of a book. Reading The Alchemist was probably one of the best things that I ever did in my life. And now I truly believe that you can achieve anything you want with just a little bit of faith and courage in your hearts. And yes of-course, everything is written.


4 thoughts on “The Alchemist #BookReview

    • Thank you… 🙂
      And Yes, it honestly is a fabulous book! 🙂
      it has always inspired me whenever I have read it… Moreover it helped me with my marks when I had to give an English oral test on any topic, so I spoke on the book (knowing that my teacher loved it) and surprisingly got good marks in it.. 😛 😉

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