Scarface #1

Scarface walked down the deserted street, clutching a bijou object close to his body. The street led to a hayloft which had been abandoned for the past seven years. Now a foxtail pine had grown in the middle of that hayloft. It had broken the roof but the construction was still enough to provide protection and shelter. But all in all it was nothing more than a piece of junk.

Scarface trod, taking extra-long strides, towards that junk. He wore a long dark overcoat, which ran even below his knees, looking much like a cloak. He had covered his head with a hood to avoid eyeballs. The sky was covered with dark gloomy clouds, having no silver lining. All around him was destruction. Buildings were falling down just as the scurf off a wall. People were dying in scores every day. They had no place to live and nowhere to go. All hell had broken loose in the town. There was no electricity, no water, and no food. The society had incurred radical changes. The market had crashed. The economy had found new depths and inhumanism had reached its water mark. There was no one to live for…and no one to live by…

As he walked by, Scarface saw a hapless woman crying in a corner of the street. She looked so frail that even a touch could shatter her into pieces. Scarface stopped, looked into her eye and then started to advance. “She is not worth saving” he said to himself. “All this would soon come to an end”, thought he with a deep sigh.  He felt as helpless as the woman.

“Robert Hill”, he whispered to himself. He thought that before becoming Scarface, he lived the life of a man known as Robert Hill. Robert had been a prodigy. He was the apple of everyone’s eye. Hill had achieved exemplary feat in science and math. He was one of the youngest and brightest scientists of the ‘Golden Era’, but the Depletion had changed it all…

He bent down and picked up a torn poster of a young intrepid soldier, who had lost his life in the battle. A glance at the poster transported Robert into the halcyon days of the ‘Golden Era’. When there was no war, no threat of the apocalypse, when the light of the sun could bring warmth to one’s soul, when a drop of water from the heaven could pierce through the body and find its way to the heart…

But those days were long gone and the human race was on the verge of extinction now. People were dying every minute. Even Robert had watched his mother and wife die, helplessly.  He had felt their pain and agony when they took their last breaths in his arm. And now he was desolate. Forlorn. Afraid to talk to anyone. Afraid to meet eyes with anyone.

There was a time when he feared death. Every second he lived, he thought, brought him closer to his death. This notion scared him to his bones. Terrified him. But now he was not frightened of death. As a matter of fact, he welcomed death. He wanted to meet death itself. Shake hands with him. He wanted to harness its power. He wanted death upon the world. He wanted to destroy the earth…

Such a preposterous idea had crept into his mind insidiously. It had bred upon his desolation. He wanted to end the cruelty in the world once and for all. And that was the reason why he stole that piece of Presto from the museum. Now all he needed was to find a way to exploit the power of that substance and to use it to dismantle the foundations of mankind. He had this invidious plan which would satisfy his personal vendetta. And he was ready to do anything for it.

When he reached the hayloft, he dispelled the idea for a while and thought how narrowly he had managed to steal that piece of Presto. But just as he opened the door of the old building; he heard gunshots from inside…

Scarface smashed open the door. What he saw simply bewildered him. He was literally seeing the gate of hell. Death was beckoning him to enter it…



Ok. So here’s the thing. This is the first of a four part series titled ‘Scarface’. I have written the first part, but the next three parts will be written by you! All you need to do is think of a good sequel to this piece of writing and email it to me by Sunday, May 11th. So Scarface is your character now. You can either make him the protagonist or the antagonist to take the story forward. Well, now go on… what are you waiting for? This is your story now! 

You can email your entries at:




4 thoughts on “Scarface #1

  1. Nice story!
    I feel in part 2 Scarface will face d consequences of his deeds..(the wrong ones)
    & in part 3 he will be transformed(into a hero)
    In part 4 you must write about emergence of new hopes , love & golden era.
    Good efforts Saksham.


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