1984 #BookReview

After a long and unbearable period of time I finished this book. I don’t know why but it took me quite a while to finish reading it. Maybe because the book was too depressing to read or that it was so daunting that even the words “Freedom Is Slavery” gave me a warning sign as to not read the book. 

1984 tells the story of a utopia ( not Thomas More’s Utopia ) but the utopia, as described by the Party ( it’s actually dystopia. But you see, you have to apply doublethink in order to understand this ‘utopian’ menace! ). So, moving on, this Party rules over Oceania ( the whole world is divided into three parts: Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia. ) and follows the policy of totalitarianism. The authority of the Party is supreme and no one can even ‘think’ against its rule. Even a dream seen by you against the Party can be regarded as an act of espionage. Your greatest enemies include the fiendish Thought-Police, the skeptic Party members and even your very own children! So has the morality of the times degraded… 

The book follows the story of an unorthodox who ‘thinks’ that the world can be saved and freed from the clutches of the Party. But what he doesn’t know that he is in the minority of one. Orwell weaves a world full of terror and fright around this heretic man. He touches upon all the aspects of the morally degenerated society of that time in this beautifully written novel. 

But I have got to admit that I dozed off twice or thrice while reading this book. With much yawns and naps I had finished the forty pages explaining the perplexing meaning of the lines – 
War Is Peace 
Freedom Is Slavery 
Ignorance Is Strength. 
But nevertheless the story picked up its normal pace after those sluggish pages. 

The novel at points really felt like an essay. As an essay it would have done a pretty great job. The book described it’s points and statements so clearly and profoundly. But as a novel it was quite slow paced, with flat characters and was so awfully depressing! It was so depressing that it gave the word ‘depressing’ a whole new meaning!

Howbeit, it was a genuinely good book which will stay with me forever, and these lines will continue to haunt me till eternity…

“Under the spreading chestnut tree,
I sold you and you sold me…”


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