Alice In Wonderland #BookReview

I know what you are thinking. Alice In Wonderland? Seriously!? Come on! I hope this review isn’t written by a nine year old!! 

Well, I just couldn’t help it. When I saw this lying in my school library, I was sucked into reading this beautiful gem of my halcyon days of childhood. I was so blinded by the joy that I didn’t bother whether I would like this piece of my memory of not…

For starters I really did like the book but didn’t completely love it. The book was beautifully written. And that was its best part. Lewis Carroll writes Alice In Wonderland in such a way that it brings out the inner child in you. The writing is from a child’s perspective, how she looks at things and understands them, how she analyses everything by the way she has been taught at school, how she feels proud whenever she speaks something beyond her age and how she goes on about her cat, Dinah, and then apologizes to the creatures offended by her! It’s all through the eyes and mind of a young kid. And that is exactly what makes the book elegant and charming. 

But this book was a lot more queer. The characters were so interesting and mysterious. The Hatter’s mad riddle and one liners were fair enough to entertain me, the Dormouse’s attitude was sleepy enough to make me laugh, Bill, the lizard’s piteous plight was miserably sufficient to make me fell compassionate towards that poor creature and the Duchess’s never ending morals were crazy enough to leave me puzzled!

This book grew curiouser and curiouser as I read it! But Alice’s hunger for adventure and the unknown was retained. This was the one message, I guess, Carroll was trying to convey. Through the means of a fairy tale, he wanted to express that we ought not shelter our kids from the world that lies ahead of them. But, instead, let them face it’s challenges and thrills themselves and let their ingenuous imagination run wild!

And as for the part that I didn’t love the book, I have no particular reason for that. Maybe that I’ve outgrown this genre or that the ending didn’t suit me quite well. But for sure I really liked reading this book. And for those of you who didn’t find the book quite as amusing ‘Off with their heads! ‘. 😛

After reading Alice In Wonderland, I feel as if I have gone entirely bonkers! Have I gone mad?
Um….I’m afraid so! But I’ll tell you a secret. All the bookworms are!


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