Scarface #2

I know that I am 11 days too late. But I just couldn’t help it ( I was battling the never ending platoon of my arch rival – (yeah you guessed it right) EXAMS!). 😛 But still here it is. The second installment of the Scarface Chronicles. 🙂

Scarface smashed open the door. What he saw simply bewildered him. He was literally seeing the gate of hell. Death was beckoning him to enter it…

For what seemed like a jiffy, there was a huge jolt of blinding white light. Scarface felt so peaceful, yet extremely frightened. And for the next few moments all he could remember was this… 

It was a bright sunshine. The flowers waved. The leaves rustled. The city was abuzz. The market was coming alive. A young, handsome boy walked through the streets. He was lean and tall but had broad shoulders. The blonde hair glimmered while it waved with the wind. Robert was new to the Denarius. Every nook and cranny brought surprises to the boy who lived in Minor Cities. This was his dream. His dream of serving the nation and leading it to progress. His work on the newly found element, Presto which was touted to be the fuel of future, had caught the eyes of Quaesitor Ludwin and that’s how he came to Denarius.

Robert had just passed out of the university and he wanted to gain the apprenticeship of one of the quaesitors. He went to Catunya where Presto was first found. He researched it and studied its properties for his thesis. That was when he came across its extraordinary property. It not only gave massive power which was hundred thousand times more powerful than its nearest rival when its nucleus was split but also left no forms of radiation. He immediately published this exciting discovery in various science magazines which created a flurry in the scientific world. Lot of quaesitors offered him their apprenticeship but Quaesitor Ludwin’s was the most exciting of all. Ludwin was highly esteemed for his ground-breaking work on elements and was deemed to be a man who stood by his moral principles in a world where every researcher was stooping to no end in order to win fame and money.

As he was walking a passer-by brushed by him and immediately apologized. Robert gave a nod and went to sit on a bench. He wanted to soak in the city’s energetic atmosphere.  BOOM! The ground and the bench started shaking violently. Building began to crack and people ran helter-skelter. Women cried while men were pulverized, not knowing what to do. This was the first earthquake in centuries people ever experienced. The technology had become so advanced that it could stop earthquakes and volcanoes. So it was no surprise people were panicked and ran to the nearest building. But was it really an earthquake? Because earthquakes never seemed to have resulted in explosions and fire. It meant only one thing, the WAR had begun.

Robert immediately ran towards the Peniplane campus in the easterly direction. As he reached there, panting, he saw that the glass dome of the main building had collapsed. All of sudden he remembered his mother and wife were to arrive by the hyperloop in the next hour. He grabbed his AirBike which levitated above the ground while it moved and sped off towards the hyperloop terminal. As he arrived there the terminal was in ruins. He followed the line and sure there was wreckage. He could see it teeming with medical teams and sirens wailing. He prayed his mother and his wife were alright. He didn’t find them among the injured. He went to the makeshift tents which were pitched nearby because the hospital in the city had collapsed.

There he found his mother dead and his wife battling for survival. The doctor had told him that it would be hard for his wife to live. Yet he stayed by her side for the next few hours never taking his eyes of her. “Finally, the enemy missile bombings had started!” thought Robert.

In the night another set of bombings occurred, even worse than the previous one. The tent collapsed and a shard pierced his eye. A pole supporting the tent landed on him. He shouted his wife’s name. And then he lost all his senses.

Two days later

He got up and looked around. He was seated on a couch in a lobby and was in a totally different place. It seemed to be a luxurious place for there was a carpet running beneath the couch and chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling but it was very crowded. People were leaning against the wall. Most of them seemed to be anxious. Across the lobby there was a mirror. He looked at it. Instead of his left eye a huge scar was there. Scarface…

~ Yash Kumar


So, if you like the story and want to write the third part of this series, send in your entries at , before Sunday, June 1st. Now don’t just loll around! Pick up your Parkers and pen down the story! 🙂 



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