Charlie And The Chocolate Factory #BookReview

As I started out on my geeky spree, a thought occurred to me. Nothing great, not even intelligent nor something new. Just a plain, simple, eccentric thought. Why not begin my geek obsessed project with the wacky Willy Wonka himself?

What next? I picked up my old and rusted (and don’t forget dusted) copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Staring at its brightly yellowed cover felt like I was looking at one of the golden tickets. And the thought of reading the book felt like I was finally going to meet the world famous Willy Wonka, in person.

Who doesn’t know the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? But still, here we go. It is a story of a poverty-stricken, chocolate-obsessed, hero-worthy GOOD child (His name is Charlie, genius). One day he gets the opportunity to visit the most famous (and productive (and creative (and eccentric))) factory in the world (along with four other BAD children). Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The book describes the tour of the factory, along with telling the importance of being a GOOD person. But I read the book solely because of Willy Wonka’s character.

Mr. Willy Wonka is a highly eccentric, surreal, crazy, absurd and ridiculous character. He’s lovely, charming, creative and rude (and a genius) at the same time (he’s garnished with a lot of sarcasm too). But in the end he’s the best part of the book. His wackiness and weirdness is what makes this story a lot more fun and interesting to read. Whenever I think of him, this quote comes to my mind, “The creative adult is the child who survived“. (Quite literally in this case) 😉

Moreover, I found the characters of Charlie and his ninety-six year old grandfather pretty interesting. They were wise, playful, ‘poor yet joyous’ and most importantly GOOD!! (But don’t forget, they were skinny too) 😛

As the story proceeds, the BAD children one-by-one get into some trouble, and eventually go home. And the Oompa-Loomphas (the factory’s unearthly dwarf workers) would always bid them farewell by singing a song, highlighting their BAD habits. So all in all, it was a fun read.

I will not let my chat-bagginess turn this review into a babblement. So to sum up I would say that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a scrumdiddlyumptious book and Willy Wonka was a boot-boggling character. But before starting the book, you should probably check out the Wonka-Vite first.  🙂 🙂



10 thoughts on “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory #BookReview

  1. Yes, I agree, Willy Wonka is a brilliant character. I remember him well. I particularly enjoyed the sequel Willy Wonka and the Great Glass Elevator. These books inspired me to read when I was a boy. Thanks for your thoughts and for stopping by my Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway review. 🙂


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