My First MUNning Experience

The reason for my being so ‘inactive‘ for the past few days was the IIMUN. A Model United Nations was something very new and intriguing to me, therefore I thought of grabbing the first opportunity I got of participating in one. Moreover this MUN was being conducted in my city, thus my dream of being a delegate and walking into a UN conference came somewhat true…

A Model United Nations is basically a replica or a small-scale real-life working copy of the actual committees held in the United Nations. In here, students represent various countries by becoming the delegate of a country. The MUNs function just as any other UN conference. There are debates upon the agendas currently affecting the world, resolutions are passed and various steps are taken. But all of this is just for ‘fun’. At the end of the day, a MUN is an education simulation which is genuinely better than any history or political lecture in the world.

Since I have quite a few MUNner friends, I had heard a lot about MUNs. But experiencing one is way different than listening about one. The kind of atmosphere in a conference hall, the look of gravity on the Chairperson’s face and the manner in which the delegates carry themselves is truly something that has to be experienced in order to be felt. And one thing is for sure, once you attend your first conference, you would never want to miss any other MUN for the rest of your life.

La Martinier School
La Martiniere School

The venue of the IIMUN (Indian International Model United Nations) was the La Martiniere School (If I put it decently, it is one of the grandest schools in the whole of India). And to be honest, I was scared as a cat to attend this conference. I thought that maybe my research was not up to the mark, or that I would not be accepted by my fellow MUNners there, or that I would not be able to follow the procedure, or worse that I would not be able to speak in front of others.

With all these fears in my mind I attended the opening ceremony of the MUN. But I don’t know which sorcerer’s wand worked its magic, the first day was incredibly great. I made so many new friends, did a lot of (what the MUNners call) socialising and met a ton of fun people. I actually started to open up and tried to come over my characteristic shyness. It felt truly amazing surrounded by so many people sharing the same thinking and likeliness.

Okay. So I ain't being narcissistic, but I was running short of photos... :P
Okay. So I ain’t being narcissistic, but I was running short of photos… 😛

Gradually the first day waned away with much enthusiasm and ‘secret pacts’ for the days to come.

The next day started with me being late for the first debating session of the committee (as I was just too engrossed in doing my research). But the Chair was kind enough to start the committee some five minutes late. As soon as the committee started, my enthusiasm (and nervousness) reached its water mark. My committee was the (Futuristic) Security Council, with me being the delegate of Luxembourg, and the agenda at hand was the Ukrainian Crisis.

The UNSC Chair and Vice-Chair
The UNSC Chair and Vice-Chair

I knew Luxembourg played a very small part in this crisis, and that was one of the reasons that made me even more nervous. The main fight was between the USA and the Russian Federation and Ukraine was caught between it. So what part exactly did Luxembourg had to play? I was myself quite skeptical of that but still I spoke whenever I got the opportunity.

Making allies (and frequently changing them) was what everyone wanted to do. Since Luxembourg supported the USA, I mainly stuck with them (though at times I went to support Russia). But all in all the day was jam-packed with fights, challenges and crises. The second debating session ended with the same intensity as the first has started.

But after that came the best part of the day, for me…the delegate dance! 😀 For it was the most action-packed, grooving, energetic, enthusiastic and fun part of the whole MUN. The dance floor was the stage where every delegate could let loose and enjoy himself. This is exactly how a tiring ‘work day’ should end. Everyone danced for around two hours and then the authorities had to push us out of the dance floor. 😛

The Delegate Dance
The Delegate Dance
Loose Yourself to the Music... ;)
Lose Yourself to the Music… 😉

After the ‘better than expected’ second day, I stepped into my committee a lot more optimistic and confident on the third day. In totality I had given four speeches on the second day, along with having questioned a few other delegates (in the Question-Answer Session) and had even made some plans for our next move. On the second day, my confidence had seen a huge boost, therefore I had planned a few ‘secret’ steps to be taken further. Though in the end I failed to execute them, I still had given four more speeches and had taken a more active part in the proceedings and the making of the resolutions.

The third day was all about reflecting the crises and making resolutions in order to tackle the problems. But making the resolutions was one of the most difficult tasks in the world, as we had to keep in mind the interest of both Russia and the USA (which were never the same). So we would end up taking an hour and a half to complete one resolution. At the end if the day, we had passed two resolutions and rejected one (Russia vetoed it). x(

But on a serious note, my heart goes out to all the people caught in this fight between the superpowers in Ukraine and also to all the passengers of the Malaysian flight MH17.

The third day marked the end of three of the best and unforgettable days of my life. The day ended with much laughter, disappointment (for not having won) and hope for more such MUNs.

My Committee... :)
My Committee… 🙂

And I confess that after three such amazing days, I don’t find school that interesting. 😛

So in the end, what did I learn from these three hectic days? My answer, a lot! I learnt how to open up in front of others, the MUN boosted my courage and morale, it made me a bit more confident, but moreover it made me aware… Aware of all that is going around the world, aware of how difficult it is to sit down and solve worldly problems in a conference room, aware of how history is made, and aware of how future is secured.

Therefore I believe that everyone should do themselves a favour and participate in a MUN… 🙂

Memories... :')
Memories… :’)

11 thoughts on “My First MUNning Experience

  1. What an incredible experience! It sounds nerve-racking. I would definitely be on an adrenaline high for this. The topic sounds tough. I don’t even know what part Luxembourg plays in all this, but it sounds like you figured it out and made the most of the experience. How fun!


    • The MUN was seriously a life changing experience. You watch, observe and learn so much that it makes a deep impression in your mind. I enjoyed my every minute in that place! 🙂
      Even I thought that the topic was tough and it demanded a lot of research. Moreover how will I be able to change things being the delegate of Luxembourg? Still using whatever I could make out from the proceedings I made my point (“the delegate of Luxembourg feels that peace and tranquility should return to the threatened land of Crimea”, and all that stuff) 😛
      MUNning is really a one in the world experience and I hope that I get the opportunity to participate in other MUNs too… 🙂 🙂


      • I am a student of class 9(15 years) and i am getting a chance to be a part of this.Do you think it is a good and appropriate event for my age group or should i take part next year.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Rachit!
        It’s really great that you’re getting this opportunity in class 9th! I took part in my first MUN two years back, in class 10th. I would seriously recommend that you give it a try. It may be a little intimidating in the beginning but believe me, you’ll take away a lot from this experience! 🙂


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