Bipolar Traumatic Reversal Theory

WARNING: There is a possibility, rather, its probable that you have not seen a singular post like this before, for the author of this piece of writing is suffering from an immensely severe illness, known as the post-exam hangover. Therefore, proceed at your own risk.

* * *

Hey there!

I have missed you all so much! And now, the wait is finally over. The Judgement Day has passed, the Apocalypse is over, and the country has been led forward by Thee into the heaven of freedom. To sum it all up, my Board Exams are over!


Now, the only time I felt this excited and sad was when my Board Exams got over! Um… sorry, bad joke. Well, moving on, MY BOARD EXAMS ARE OVER (as if like shouting MY DOG DAYS ARE OVER)!! πŸ˜€ To be honest, I had thought that after the exams I would go complete crazy and party all night long. But reality still continues to ruin my life. After giving the last exam, I felt so sad and lost that I headed straight for my home. You see, the months that precede the Board exams, kill your creativity. You become programmed to just eat, sleep, eat, study and eat. Your schedule becomes too messed up to do something productive. Therefore, when I finished my last paper, a sense of satisfaction, happiness, grief and fear gripped me. And even though, I had planned n number of things, all I wanted to do then was sleep…and eat, of course.

* * *

But now, I feel that I’m ready to embrace all the stupidity and craziness of the world. Therefore, I’m going to torture you with my weirdness and unleash my train of worthless thoughts upon you. Below you are going to find random and spontaneously thought-of topics which, as you will observe, make no sense.

* * *

  • Imagine a room filled with the smoke of weed. Dark and suffocating. The windows have been closed shut and the sun has been barred. Now imagine yourself in the room, but the only difference here is that smoke of weed has been replaced by the music of Coldplay. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and you hear someone’s footsteps. You can hear the echo, even though the distance from the source of the voice and the farthest reflecting surface is not 17 meters. (Magic, right?!) The person comes closer to you, and you start feeling scared. The echo is terrifying but the darkness, soothing. Suddenly, in a fraction of a jiffy, the sun is given entry! Boom, the beacons have been lit. The sunshine envelops the darkness all around it and you start to to feel sane. Ah! Insanity was so much wiser. This is exactly what has happened with me right now. Since my Ma has let the light in, I will write this post. But if you feel the contents weird and the thoughts eerie, then you know who’s to blame. The sunlight.

* * *

  • You see, exams wear you out. For example, before opening this up, I checked my brain report;


Oh no! Nothing serious, I’m fine. But then my Ma pointed out to the blood dripping from my eyes;


And just then my friend remarked, “Dude, just look at your arm! IT FELL OFF!”

Me: “It is fine bro, it happened every other day during the exams. I have a few spare ones in myΒ Β Β  wardrobe…”

* * *

  • But, you see, exams are not all that bad. In fact, I would anytime choose exams over monthly tests, for even though exams cover a vast syllabus, they push you far enough to actually study. Moreover exams can be pretty fun, sometimes. For example, when you finish your Biology paper a half-hour beforehand, you get bragging rights. When you attempt all the programs in your Computer paper, you get bragging rights. When you get everything correct in the topography section of your Geography exam, you get bragging rights. And when you are able to complete your Maths paper on time, you get bragging rights… See, exams can be so much fun! πŸ˜€

* * *

  • One of the best things about Boards is that nobody, not even a single person, disturbs you, for anything. Nobody asks you to water the plants, take the dog for a walk, buy the grocery or just do anything! You are just free (well, of course, free to study any subject that you want to, but free is free!!). And now that my exams have ended, I’m back to dusting the house, throwing out the garbage, killing the neighbours, getting rid of the body, managing the gang…um, well, I guess you get the picture. Normal household chores, nothing extraordinary..

* * *

  • For some change from all the text, here are exams in the form of memes:

Everyone Before The Board Exams


Me, Before The First Exam


Me, Before Every Exam


Friends, During The Exams


Me, Before The Maths Exam


Β During The Maths Exam


Β After The Maths Exam


During The Exams


It All Ends…


* * *

  • Well, in particular, there is no subject that I hate or dislike, except Chemistry. You see its not the subject but the questions they ask in the paper that I hate. For instance:

Find the missing word:

Copper sulphate crystals are dehydrated by sulphuric acid.

Ans: concentrated sulphuric acid!!!

I mean, come on, no shit! But you know what’s even worse?! The answer to such questions are given in such deep and dark corners of the book that you would need a simple microscope a complex microscope an electron microscope to see it!!Β  *sigh*

* * *

  • Β Now, I don’t want you to deem me as a whiny teenager who complaints about his exams. No. But sometimes, sometimes you feel like a quadratic equation with imaginary roots. *out of syllabus*

Sometimes, it feels better to roam in the English countryside with Sherlock Holmes, dive into the chocolate river with Willy Wonka, be lost in the hills with Ruskin Bond and run across the streets of Rome with Robert Langdon than be snapped back to reality and study for your exam!

* * *

Happiness During The Exams

  • Happiness is a monkey making faces outside the window of your examination hall. (Mind you, this actually happened!! πŸ˜› )
  • Happiness is when your senior leaves a best of luck message on your exam table for you.
  • Happiness is when your cousins send you cards before the exams.
  • Happiness is hugging your friends after the exams are over.
  • And happiness is knowing that you have a three month vacation till your school reopens.

* * *

I am sorry for having subjected you to this silent soliloquy. Well, I could not help it, I had to get it out. And I assume that my chain of thoughts must have left you weary and bored. Therefore, I will conclude this post.

But, tut tut, not so soon, genius. Here you thought of closing this page and moving on to read something more productive and interesting, but I guess, its not your lucky day. So anyways all this while, reading this post, you must have been wondering, “Why is this person ranting about his exams?! How does it help me anyway?!”. Right?! Don’t worry; be happy. I have an answer for that too:

Here is some stuff that I missed during my exams/stuff that you missed me writing about:

  • Diwali
  • My Birthday
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Holi
  • International Badminton League in my city
  • Ed Sheeran and Switchfoot in India (Now God truly hates me.. πŸ˜₯ )
  • um…well, I guess…that is it…
  • not much though, still important stuff, right?!
  • I need to stop putting these bullet signs in order to make me feel important…….

Oh God, I guess I want need some sleep…!


8 thoughts on “Bipolar Traumatic Reversal Theory

  1. Yeah, the exams are over son……. ….but sweet fruit of your hard work is yet to come……….And i know that you will come out with flying colors……All the very best dear…..Till then enjoy ,have fun and explore the world! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh my my…. How much I have missed your blogs… And you are back with a bang…. Yes I nearly fell off the chair laughing on ‘killing the neighbors and taking care of the body… #LMAO” So now I hope to read more blogs and yes travelogs too πŸ˜‰ #welcomeback #missedyou #bigtighthug #YouAreAnAwesomeWriter Much love!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saksham, your writing is exemplary! Enjoyed this post a lot and those memes too! Really took me back to my schooling days. But my dear, school exams are nothing when compared with what’s to come ahead! :must sound ominous: πŸ˜› We expect a happy dance post when the results are out!

    Liked by 1 person

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