Lose Yourself To The Music – Day 3 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice.

Well, today’s assignment is nothing short of devilish. Selecting just three songs to write about?! This is really wicked… For a melophile like me, picking three songs was nothing short of naming the cutest breed of dogs…or or or, deciding which one is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?! (It’s Star Wars, by the way). See! So difficult!

Moving on; I have, however, picked three songs which are quite important to me. So, without any further delay (and boring geek talk), let me list them for you. *drumroll please*

The first one on my list is Words by Boyzone

Not only the song, but also the story behind it is worth listening. Now, as far as I can remember, I was a shy boy in middle school (still am, but not as much). So, I never actually participated in group activities which involved singing, dancing or mimicry. I used to make excuses such as ‘if I sing, then you all will run away’, ‘I can’t dance because I’m a flat foot’ , etc. etc. But then, one beautiful, warm, sunny, magical day, God introduced me to this song and made me a singer. And from that day onwards I have never looked back. #truestory Since Class 5th I have sung this very song, every time a teacher has asked me to sing something (group activities and stuff…). And call it coincidence or the universe, but I have been singing this song, in front of my class, since Grade 5 (every year!). *bro-five* I just hope that the streak continues for the next two years as well. 😉

Coming up next on the list is We Will Rock You by Queen

This song may seem a bit overused, but it has a very special place in my life. The first time I heard this song was at a New Year’s Party, when I was 8 or 9. All I could make out, at that time was its tune. Its catchy, quirky tune. The next time I heard this song was when my papa brought home a CD of Queen’s Greatest Hits. He is a huge Queen’s fan (and The Doors too). What next?! The song caught up so much on both of us that we sang it at a karaoke evening in front of complete stranger. 😀

Not only this, We Will Rock You was our anthem in class 8. My whole class used to bang the table to its rhythm. Our class was one of the most mischievous and if you heard this song being banged somewhere in the school, then the teachers knew exactly where to go.

The last one on my list is Fix You by Coldplay

Well, this one is my feel good song. Whenever I’m sad or low, it helps me rise from the negativity. Its lyrics are so innocent and relevant that I’m pretty sure, that anyone who gives this song a listen will relate to it. I’ve heard this song on replay for hours when I left my old school in class 8th. And I listen to this song every time I have to face something sad. (For example, exams). When I heard of my best friend’s transfer, I listened to this song. When feel I’ve lost my track, I listen to this song. When I sit with my dog and stare at the stars, I listen to this song. I was once hooked so bad to this song that I ended up doing this:


Well, so um…I guess that wraps up this post… 🙂


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