Guess Whom I Met Today?! – Day 8 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.

Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post.

Okay. So, today I went to a book-signing by the author of the Shiva-Trilogy, Amish!! It was organized in my city, and dude, did he not blow my mind away with his awesomeness. Even though he may not be as famous outside India, but he’s a pretty big deal here. Others describe him as ‘India’s First Literary Popstar’, while he introduces himself as a ‘Boring Banker, Turned Happy Author’.

Anyways, everything about the event was incredible. The venue, the books, my friend, the question-answer session, the signing, the selfies and there was even food! Everything was amazing, except the crowd. Now, there are a few things you ought to know, the first one being that this event was organized for a restricted audience therefore you needed a pass for an entry. The other one being that Amish’s book have a little religious touch in them. Not saying that he is some pundit propagating religion, rather he is a fictional writer who loves to write about Gods and their victory over evil. Um…consider him something like the Dan Brown or Paulo Coelho of India, though not quite. Thus, the crowd present there was not rude, offensive, discourteous or in any way uncivil, rather it was um…boring.

Up until the question-answer session, everything was as calm as the ocean. Except for a few microphone glitches, nothing unusual happened. But as soon as the session began, it was total mayhem. Chaos, everywhere. Old people started raising their hands from everywhere. My outstretched right had was buried in the waves of the constantly rising and falling old, withered hands. I don’t know why but they wanted to point out religious facts to him and ask him about his interpretation about certain religious things, which I did not give any attention to. They carried on talking for so long that it was hard to differentiate the question from their statement. And the mike was being juggled from one person to the other as if it was a football. And all the time I was like, “Dude! Calm down! Are your pants on fire buddy?!” To be honest, I don’t remember a word of what they asked him; all I remember is that it was not worth remembering.

I met Amish!!!! Yaay!!  That's me, on the right and him, on the left!! =D
I met Amish!!!! Yaay!! 😀 
That’s me, on the right and him, on the left!! =D

Alas! At the very sweet end, I got the opportunity to ask him a question, and that I did. And from what I can tell, he was quite pleased to answer a question which did not eat his brain up. : ) After the Q&A session, he signed books and attended to the needs of young- selfie addicted-blessed with a high pitched shrieking voice-fangirls. Yeah right! I learnt a lesson today, DON’T GET INTO THE WAY OF FANGIRLS! Agh!

But all in all, Amish was indeed a cool dude! His humility, even though he is a nation-wide celebrity, made him truly fascinating. All the while, he answered all the bizarre questions thrown at him with a patient demeanor. Whenever someone referred to him as ‘Sir’, he jumped and said to call him a pal. Moreover, he referred to me as ‘buddy’ when I asked him my question and went up to get my books signed. Guys, understand the graveness in my voice, you need to meet him, ASAP! His humbleness will make you want to hug him! ; )


4 thoughts on “Guess Whom I Met Today?! – Day 8 #writing101

  1. Great! I I did see him in person when he came for the Chennai Literature Fest and was blown away by his down-to-earth behavior! And oh yes, the lesson cannot be unlearnt – Never get in the way of fangirls!!

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