Of Hopes And Miracles – Day 9 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

The Man

The breeze was cool and the sun hidden behind puffs of limitless clouds. I walked through the vast expanse of green turf, feeling as void as the empty swings. Even the weather tried its best to somehow add to my gloominess. But I kept walking on. Walking on, hand in hand with the very staff of my life. The last few weeks had been tough on both of us. We were on the verge of losing something even more valuable to us than our lives. Our very little baby girl was lying in the hospital, critically ill with leukemia. Along with her life, our hopes were dangling by a worn out thread. Doctors said it was difficult for our six-month miracle to survive, but still we held on tight to that thread.

As I crossed the empty play-area, I saw an aged woman, sitting on a bench, knitting a small, red sweater. She seemed oblivious to the world around. Her dark black eyes reflected the threatening red of the tiny sweater she was knitting. Ah! The sweater. The woman had beautifully crafted the patterns that embellished the sweater. It had small opening for tiny, little arms, which could have only belonged to a human angel. As I stared at the sweater, I could feel its warmth. Feel the touch of soft fingers, clinging to my index finger. Feel the radiant smile of a baby, cleanse my soul. And as I felt this burst of emotions, I also sensed the severity of my baby’s condition. Maybe I would never be able to see her smile, maybe I’ll never be able to change her diapers, and maybe I’ll never be able to hold her to my heart…maybe I’ll never be able to breathe again…

As the old woman observed tears in my eyes, she spoke, “What is it, dear?” I was vulnerable, and ended up telling everything to the lady. After what seemed like an hour, she said, “Never stop believing in hope son, because miracles happen every day…”

As I thought of all the darkness in the world, it never occurred to me that probably I should search for a light of hope, no matter how small it may be, and cling to it.

The Wife

These last few days have been difficult on us, but he’s the one who has been the most affected by the recent events. I’ve never seen him this morose. It feels as if he’s lost all hope. I just hope we soon find something that foams his hollowness up with optimism.

Oh! What’s this? That’s a beautiful sweater! And how beautiful it will look on our baby girl! I’ll knit her an exactly similar piece. Maybe it will help her heal…maybe. But for all I know, it is worth a shot! I should tell him about this, probably this will cheer him up. Ah no! Why is he crying again?

“Never stop believing in hope son, because miracles happen every day”

I just hope this lifts him up. He really needed this.

The Old Woman

Oh no! Who are these weirdo’s again?! They are staring at me like I’m knitting a time-bomb! Oh gosh! His stare is driving me crazy!! Oh Lord, no! NO, NO, NO! He’s crying now!! God, I need a little help here! Maybe I should just say something before he starts out and hugs me!

“What is it, dear?”

I just hope this creeps him out and they run away. What?! He’s coming right here! Why’s he sitting down? Oh God no! He’s talking now! I don’t have time for another sad story, mine is fine enough! Why on earth would someone do something like this?! Crazy people walk the planet these days… Wait, why is this girl staring at my sweater as if she’s going to steal it! Someone save me from these people! Should I just shout help or wait for them to make their move?! God, their story is stressing me out. I need some air! Maybe I should go out to the park… Bummer! Oh oh oh! Their tale has ended! Well, why are you still sitting here young gentleman! He’s looking at me in anticipation. Does this mean anything? Why don’t you go already?! I guess, I should just say something…anything. Oh what was that quote that I read in that book? What was it, what was it, what was it?! Ah yes!

“Never stop believing in hope son, because miracles happen every day”


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