Home, Sweet Home – Day 11 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

Today’s twist: Pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences.

I’ve been living in the same house for the past fifteen years. The same two-storied, beautifully gardened house, painted in a subtle white. It has been a witness to all my mischiefs and naughtiness and its giant framework has guarded me like a godparent. Over the years it has not changed, even slightly. Yes, there have been a few renovations here and there but its essence still remains the same. It is the same old white structure watching over me.

I live in Lucknow, at times the sultriest of all the places in India, and occasionally the most pleasant, but always the most appetizing of all. We have the coldest winters (but not snow…why not snow?!) and unkindest summers. And unfortunately, my room gets way too humid in the summers and becomes chilling in the winters. Whereas my parents’ room, which is just three meters away from mine, is pretty much the coziest.

Well, this was one hell of a rain..
Well, this was one hell of a rain..

I live with my papa, maa, grandfather and Jennifer (my Labrador). With the exception of Jenny, everyone in my family loves gardening. Therefore we have two lovely gardens, one in the front porch and the other in the terrace. And I can guarantee you one thing, if you ever come to my home, you won’t find a single day when the terrace isn’t blooming with flowers. 🙂

That's the garden in the porch
That’s the garden in the porch

Furthermore, me and my dad have a thing for pets. Owing to this, I have three fish tanks in my house, two of which contain one exotic fish each, while the third one has about eight fishes. Because of all the different types of fishes, we have one separate cupboard for fish and dog food! Funny, right?! Moreover, we have kept bird feeders at different parts of the house, and due to this, we have had at least three to four hatchlings in our house!! 😀

Oh I tell you! Squirrels are pure evil!!
Oh I tell you! Squirrels are pure evil!!

When I’m not feeding the fish or watering the plants, I will be usually found reading. But reading in your room is way mainstream, and everybody needs his secret spot. Well mine, although it’s not in any way mysterious, is the window by the kitchen. I mean come on?! These are the very two things a person can dream of! A place to read books, where you are constantly fed with the aroma of mouth-watering food, by a window which has a direct view of the road!! What more can anybody ask for?! 😛

Ah! But in two years college will be here, knocking on my door, stuffing me in its rucksack and flying me away. But you know what? Things have to change for the good…(and I’m sort of waiting for that day to come)  😉


14 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home – Day 11 #writing101

  1. You have a window in your kitchen that you can sit next to!? Wow. Come to think of it, I don’t really have a favourite spot to read books – I read pretty much everywhere!

    You are lucky to have lived in that wonderful house for so long! Seems like a very good place! And Lucknow the sultriest of all places? Dude, that award would definitely go to Chennai! :O We don’t even have an “official” winter season here.

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