An Open Letter To A Tourist – Day 14 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

Today’s Twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

Okay, so I got the word ‘tourist’ from a Lonely Planet book (no kidding!). 😛

Dear Tourist,

I hope you’re doing great, you wild, narcissistic, observant flesh-ball. And I sure hope that you are consuming your vacations judiciously to not only visit places, but also travel them. And from what my agents have told me, you’re coming to visit me during the summer holidays. Honestly, I can’t be more scared right now.

Well, I must say that you’ve made a thoughtful choice. In fact, I should be rather glad than terrified of your cautiously planned visit. The period of your vacation corresponds with the arrival of monsoons, and if you’re lucky you can even witness a few heavy-monsoon showers. But alas! You are not here to cherish the monsoons, now are you? You are here to idly lay on the sandy beaches, undisturbed till your insides burn with the tan. Lovely plan, if you ask me, except it has one tiny loophole. I don’t have the sun during June. *Puff goes the dream*


Ahah! Now you must be wondering, puzzled tourist, what are you going to do here?! Your itinerary specifically covered the important beaches of the state, but lo and behold, now that piece of paper given by your travel-agent is nothing but worthless. What’s the fun in going to a place which is famous for its beaches and not being able to enjoy a single sun-bath? Well, I have a little plan for you, fellow globetrotter.

Dude, just GO GOA!
Dude, just GO GOA! Already!

Explore my insides, Mr. Vacationer. Oh! Don’t get nasty, already. What I mean to say is, leave that pre-defined notion of me being a beach state behind, and discover my off-beaten roads. I become quite the scenic beauty in the monsoons. The whole place turns green with sprouting rice. It is a unique experience to see me during the rains. The rivers overflow with blue water, dashing through the lush-green rolling hills of the state, to fall into the lap of the Arabian Sea. Oh! The ancient forts, damped in the colour of the dark sky, only add to the picturesque sight. Boy, I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and have a rendezvous with the exotic wildlife makes me as vibrant as your agent boasted me to be. I dare you to trek through the most animated greens just to appreciate the deep blue a little more. I dare you to break the stereotypes and learn from what the locals have in store for you. I dare you to listen more carefully to the legacy the stars have left behind for you…

One of the reasons I love Goa, it has the sea, the river and the hills! <3
One of the reasons I love Goa, it has the sea, the river and the hills! ❤

But there is just one thing I request in return; in the process, I want you to be responsible. Don’t act like a fathead and disrespect nature. Try not to litter on the streets, and honestly, please don’t damage flora of the area. Never trouble the wildlife of the state and try not to interfere with the cultures of the locals. Have an open-minded approach to philosophies of the natives and don’t take a leak in the sea. Just don’t.

So now fellow traveller, I hope I have established my point. All I can do at present is hope that you have a marvelous stay here. And I hope you go back a man with a changed perspective of things. (And I also hope that you just don’t pee in the sea!)

Yours enchantingly,



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