One Last Time (Part Two) – Day 13 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.

Today’s Twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment — loosely defined.

The first part can be found here.

The air was fresh with the enthusiasm of optimistic students. The clicking of the hard polished shoes, which the boys carried with utmost zeal, echoed in the assembly hall. The crackling of newly ironed shirts was hard to ignore. Everyone beamed on the sight of an old friend, and some frowned on the sight of new teachers. The surroundings seemed abuzz with the school choir rehearsing in one corner and the prefects revising their speeches in the other. The students were busy forming groups, discussing their favourite football team and the side-effects of eating too much ice-cream, while the teachers were constantly trying to break them up. It was chaos all around, but that chaos was soothing. Maybe the new school wasn’t going to be as inhospitable as I had thought it to be…maybe.

Since I had no one to give the designation of a friend to, I mostly stayed alone, moving along the walls or sometimes stalking a stranger. After the morning assembly, I struggled my way to my classroom, through the frolicking bunch of people. Now, I need to admit, even though I did not feel hopeful about this school, the vibe made me somewhat peaceful.

This was for a photography competition, organised by the school... um..the assembly looks kinda creepy na...
This was for a photography competition, organised by the school…
um..the assembly looks kinda creepy na… IT IS!!

The classroom was strikingly different though. The warm wooden furniture was swapped by the cold, icky metal chairs and desks. There was an oddly placed stage at the front which was supposedly the throne of the teacher…yeah. Anyways, I approached the battlefield cautiously, for the teacher stood cross-handed, claiming her supremacy. Afraid, as I was, I quietly decide on a chair and sat down. Well, I had quite thoughtfully chosen the last bench, but then my class-teacher asked my name and ordered me to sit at the first-bench with a boy, who looked quite the nerd who always topped the class (and that he was…). Reluctantly, I left my chair and slowly walked towards the most hated bench of the class. Ah! The first-bench feeling was miserable.

Quite magically, over the next few days, I started liking the first-bench. I know right! Thankfully, I went back to being a third-bencher! *thank-god* But more importantly, me and the first-bencher struck a deep bond of friendship. We had mostly the same taste in movies, sports and book! Both of us enjoyed reading the newspaper, were extremely passionate about travelling and loved super-heroes! Now, even though we had a lot of similar interests, but still our opinions and differed in many scenarios. I love to explain ourselves like this, imagine the two of us as two different buildings. We are built upon the same foundation, but he turned out to be a corporate office and me, a Disneyland… But that is just the thing I love about us. We have so many topics to debate about, and I love debating!! It’s so amazing spending time, debating about topics that don’t really matter but are still worthy of a discussion. Like are light sabers better than guns, or whether banana’s float.

Even though I initially hated my new school, slowly it turned out that this new place wasn’t as horrible as I had wanted it to be. In fact, I started enjoying the activities of the school after a couple of months. But the best of all, I found a friend here with whom I shall travel till the other side of this life…


9 thoughts on “One Last Time (Part Two) – Day 13 #writing101

  1. Boy, that was good! I like the analogy of you being the Disneyland 🙂 I wish I had a friend like that in school- but unfortunately I was the odd one out, there was absolutely no one who’s tastes matched mine.

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    • 😀 Thanks!!
      Except him, I can barely say, I have a friend (in this school) with the same interests as mine… But you know what, being the odd one out in a world that only tries to copy each other is the best thing ever… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nicely written… 🙂
    But let me tell you son, adaptation is the best way to survive successfully..
    I am glad, you have learnt this art.
    God bless:)

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