One Last Time (Part Three) – Day 16 #writing101

Today’s Prompt: Imagine you had a job in which you had to sift through forgotten or lost belongings. Describe a day in which you come upon something peculiar, or tell a story about something interesting you find in a pile.

Today’s Twist: If you’d like to continue our serial challenge, also reflect on the theme of lost and found more generally in this post.

The first one in the series can be found here. The second one here, as well. And the third one here too. (You do realise that the last one will bring you here. Right? Good.

Well, I have no idea how this post adheres to today’s prompt or how this is the third installment in the serious. But since it says so in the topic, believe that it is. *smiles spookily*

To be honest, the new school experience was a bit eerie. New teachers, weird friends, boring environment and the monotonous classes, which focused only on academics. The school offered neither sport periods, nor any co-curricular activities. No competitions, whatsoever, were held. The only thing that qualified as a competition at this school was a mathematics Olympiad. It was nothing like my old school, where we had four games periods every week, and two hours of extra-curricular activity every Tuesday. Initially I hoped that someday the school will, miraculously, someday organise, or at least send us, for an inter-school quiz or something. But eventually, as the days passed, the workload grew like a bamboo and our minds dwindled from the level of our egos to the level of our IQs. Slowly, I lost all hope of shouting my voice out in a debate again, or being laughed at for giving a wrong answer in a quiz. It all became a distant memory.

Therefore, when the opportunity came, of digging through a pile of documents, containing details of some real competitions, I grabbed it instantaneously. The school had, unbelievably, decided to participate in any one inter-school competition and I, along with a prefect had to select the competition. My first thoughts were an MUN (Model United Nations), but the school said that its pattern was too tricky to follow. Okay, no problem. The next I chose was a literary competition in La Martiniere. Fortunately enough, it was accepted by the Board of Directors after scrutinizing it for endless hours. The competition spanned over three days and hosted events such as theatre, composition, photography, modeling, dance and music. Not much of a literary competition…eh? Anyways, I went for the photography one.

Well, this one got me a prize...surprisingly... :)
Well, this one got me a prize…surprisingly… 🙂

And believe it or not, but after that competition, my school started sending me out for more competitions…and MUNs too! And this year, I probably have a shot at becoming a school prefect too! =)

Anyhow, the one thing that I’ve learnt from the two years of High School spent in this alien place is that one should never lose hope. Frankly speaking, I hated my new school since the very first day. I hated how the entire school would easily fit into my previous school’s football field, still leaving space for parking! I hated how the only thing this hell focused on was academics, leaving no time for a teenager’s mind to grow or wander. I hated how everyone worked on as if they were puppets commanded by an inferior force. I hated the very fact that my classmates were more interested in what was taught inside the classroom rather than experiencing the teachings the world outside their little cocoon. What was even worse that after having been held captive by them for a few months, I was slowly turning like them. A soulless robot, who’s only aim was to follow the order and never question anything. At times, as dark as these, we usually tend to lose faith. We start believing that since our thinking is odd and unpopular, we are worthless. But only if we hold on to a single strand of hope, in such times; a weak, untrustworthy thread of faith, our lives will take a completely unexpected turn. Before this I had never participated in a photography competition, and after joining this school, I’ve won two out of the three I’ve been sent for. Before this school, I had only participated in debates, but after a few months here, I was able to be a part of the MUN workshop which was hosted by the real United Nations, in our school! And this all happened after me and a few friends constantly nagged our headmistress for sending us for more competitions. Had I given in to the system and had just gone with the flow, maybe I would have never created this blog, and would be found mugging up lessons, 24*7, without giving a damn for some real experience.

Ah! Well, MUNs.. ;)
Ah! Well, MUNs.. 😉

So I guess, not everything is worth losing yourself for.


6 thoughts on “One Last Time (Part Three) – Day 16 #writing101

  1. Interesting, yet both UN and IMF are run to enslave people. Enslave them with debt. Not for naught, are they run by international bankers.
    These people are full of themselves. Where Strauss-Kahn and now Legarde, more than dabble in dubious goings on.

    Education is a mighty fine thing and not to be sniffed at. The real education begins, when one is in the real world. Education never stops. If one is really smart. Using resources to dig deeper than the surface. How the families who ran the East India C0. for example, did nasty things to enrich themselves. Now parade around in fine clothes and awards they bestow upon themselves. Best wishes, Cheers Jamie.

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    • Maybe you’re right…but regardless of its financial dealings, the UN has done some great work towards world peace, international relations and health related problems. The one thing I’ve learnt from the last four Model UNs is that not every country has the same opinion regarding a crisis. And the blocs which are made inside the conference rooms are pretty hard to tackle. Thereby resulting in a lot of financial spending and time consumption…
      Completely agreed with you…no one stops learning, even after school or college; education is just a part and parcel of life, and should never stop gaining knowledge, ever… 🙂
      I had never heard of the Sassoons…Their history seems pretty interesting, I’ll go through them thoroughly… 🙂


  2. Your experience reflected the feeling I had in a collegiate nursing program. Your identity is lost, or rather you think it is. It is not until you reach beyond the tested waters to see there is more than what is right here right now. Great post! I look forward to reading more of your writing!

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