The One With Owls and Potions

Well, well, well. A month of inactivity and all that it has led to is the whole Maggi fiasco! What is it with all you Maggi haters?! Let me tell you guys this, I’ll never stop having my favourite 2-minute noodles until I’m 80 and maybe beyond that!

Right, so having registered the most important part of this post, let’s move on to other things. I left off saying that my results were due in a few days’ time, and so they were. They came out on 18th and guess what?! I got EIGHT OUTSTANDING O.W.L.s!!!!!!!! (Yaay!) 😀  And two Exceeded Expectations… Potions, you see! I was never good at Chemistry… 😦 But I guess I can still be an Auror! 😀

#Potter references; Muggles won’t understand

Non-wizardly speaking, I got a fairly nice percentage of around 95% with socially acceptable marks in almost all subjects. (except Chemistry! Agh!) So yeah, everyone was happy-happy at the moment and materialistically speaking such occasions are the perfect times for quietly adding a few extra items to your gift list. 😉

Karim's! Party party! :D
Karim’s! Party party! 😀

What followed was a boring 6 hour ceremony at my school and a month full of travelling! Yeah, I’ve been travelling ever since my result came out, and landed in Lucknow only on Saturday. And boy was this last month not the most legen-wait for it-dary month of my life! B)

Connaught Place
Connaught Place

The first ten days were spent in Delhi, meeting relatives and all the party you see, and then for the rest fifteen days, KASHMIR and LADHAK! ❤ Ladhak, I feel that I’ve left my heart there… That place is honestly the epitome of all beauty that nature and God together could have managed… Just heartwarmingly beautiful. I don’t understand how He could have stuffed so much love in such a small place. Truthfully speaking, neither words, nor pictures can capture the magnificence of Ladhak, you just got to visit and see for yourself…


That’s it for now but don’t be gone already! I’ll pester you soon enough with my day-wise posts/travelogue-ish entries on my travels to Kashmir and Leh-ladhak! 😀


28 thoughts on “The One With Owls and Potions

    • Oh yes! NEWT! Hmm… But there are still two years… 🙂
      If I were to pinpoint just one best thing about Ladhak, then it would definitely be the sky. Both the night sky and the day sky. It’s ultra-marine blue in the daylight, with clouds just meters above your head. And at night, it feels as if a whole blanket of stars has been laid over you… Simply wow!

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  1. I told you, you and Hermione are ditto! She too has to get an EE (in Defense against Dark Arts). 😛 I got an Acceptable OWL in Potions. I was more than glad 😀 Anyway, congrats bro! I can’t say I’m surprised at all 🙂

    And Ladakh!! I so so so want to go there. Don’t tease us anymore, out with the photos already 😀

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  2. I miss Maggi :/
    So, I have nominated you for the Encouraging Thunder award (there seems to be an abundance of awards on this site) and the Quote Challenge. Check it out on my blog, and… miss Maggi. I would die of lead poisoning, but I wouldn’t stop loving that deliciousness.

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      • “Hello?”
        “Hssh. How much ya want?”
        “Idk brah, lead poison me supremely.”
        “Say no more.”

        I just hope Top Ramen doesn’t go off the shelves now… I live in the campus of IIT Bombay and students are going batshit crazy because literally the foundation of this existence has been eradicated.

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      • 😛 😀 Oh I hope so too.. but I dunno, the way they are bent upon finding something bad in everything is just tense. Like Amul and Mother Dairy! I just so hope they don’t move to chocolates!
        The struggle must be real!
        Everybody must be like *the beacons are lit* *Maggi is in trouble* *we are in trouble* *quick, do something* *god we’re dying* *wait, is this lead poisoning or hunger?*

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      • The government is like those sadistic primary school teachers who tell kids not to bring tasty tiffins to school and give homework every fucking day -_- they WANT to torture us.
        There are so many things they could be doing, like, I don’t know, restoring the economy, or strengthening the rupee against the dollar, or improving the army…. but no. Maggi. Maggi is the real criminal. I feel so bad for Nestle, you know? Like 90% of my childhood was Nestle. Siiiigh.

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      • WAHHHT NOOOOO R U SIRIUSSS?? Whoa. Just. Why. I loved curry noodles!
        In other news, stalking is a non bailable offence only if caught the second time. There are so many things to improve BUT MAGGI.


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